Czech Unsung Heroes

Arató, Robert:
- *1959 in Spišská Nová Ves
- a famous artist
- immigrated to Germany and studied at the art academy in Munich
- occupied himself with architecture and environmental design

Barta, Robert:
- *1975 in Prague
- studied at the art academy in Munich
- took part in the newcomer exhibition of the 'BBK Munich'
- today he lives in Munich and Berlin

Chladek, Rosalia:
- *21 May 1905 in Brünn; † 3 July 1995 in Vienna
- was a ballerina and an honorable member of the German academy of dance
- is the inventor of the 'Chladek®-System', an important dance technique

Dokoupil, Jiri Georg:
- *3 June 1954 in Krnov
- artist and founding-member of the artist group Mühlheimer Freiheit (1979) in Cologne
and member of Junge Wilde
- lives and works between Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Rio de Janero
and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
- famous because of his unusual painting techniques

Gellner, Julius:
- *25 April 1899 in Saaz, Bohemia; †24 October 1983 in London
- one of the most famous German-speaking theater directors of the 1920s
- between 1924-1933 he was superintendent and vice-director of the Munich theater
'Münchener Kammerspiele im Schauspielhaus'
- he was the uncle of the British philosopher and social scientist Ernest Gellner

Jetelová, Magdalena:
- *1946 in Semily
- she is a Czech sculptor and photographer
- she mostly lives and works in Germany
- she took part in the „documenta 8“
- she was professor at the art academies in Salzburg, Düsseldorf & Munich
- famous because of her wooden furniture sculptures and her huge landscape installations


Kirschner, Marie:
- *7January 1852 in Prague; †30 June 1931 in Košátky
- she was a German-Czech artist
- she studied art in Munich and Paris
- first she was a painter and later she decided to work with glass
- she is responsible for the interial design of the villas of famous German industrialists such as Siemens, Rath, Lipperheide and Stollwerck
- she won the silvermedal at the world exhibition in St. Louis in 1904


Knap, Jan:
- *1949 in Chrundium
- a Czech artist
- in 1969 he immigrated to Germany
- from 1970 to 1972 he studied at the academy of arts in Düsseldorf
- in 1972 he went to the USA and in 1979 he founded the group 'Normal' with Peter  Angermann and Milan Kunc
- since 1992 he has lived in Planá in North Bohemia

Kunc, Milan:
- *1944 in Prague
- he is an artist who deals with street art, comic art and photography
- he studied at the academy of arts in Prague
- in 1969 he immigrated to the BRD and studied at the academy of arts in Düsseldorf
- he founded the group 'Normal' with Peter Angermann and Jan Knap
- he lived in Cologne, Rome and New York
- he organized performances and street acts in Wuppertal
- he is now living in Prague

Neumann, Balthasar:
- *27 January 1687 in Cheb
- he was a famous architect of baroque and rokkoko style
- he came to Würzburg in the early 1800s
- he created the famous staircase in the castle of Brühl
- he died on 19 August 1753 in Würzburg

Schnabel, Pavel:
- *1946 in Olomouc in Czechoslovakia
- is a German filmmaker
- he studied at the film and television academy in Prague
- in 1968 he immigrated to Germany
- he won the German Film Award, Adolf Grimme Prize and the 'Special Merit' of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood

Slavicky, Lukas:
- *17 September 1980 in Prague
- a Czech dancer
- from 1991 to 1999 he studied at the dance academy in Prague
- he is a member of the Bavarian Ballet of the State
- he won the 'Prix Benois de la danse' in the category 'best male dancer' (the highest award for dancers)

Thielová, Valentina:
- *12 March 1933 in Prague
- a Czech actress and former model
- in 1957 she had her breakthrough as an actress
- she took part in some German movies for example Günter Reisch' DEFA- filmmusical 'Der Dieb von San Marengo' and the three-part serial 'Spätsaison'

Valenta, Rudolf:
- *27 September 1929 in Prague
- he is an artist, sculptor and graphic designer
- in 1970 he immigrated to London and in 1974 he came to West Berlin because of a DAAD scholarship
- today he lives in Berlin

Vávrová, Dana:
- * 9 August 1967 in Prague; †5 February 2009 in Munich
- she was a Czech-German film actress and director
- in 1982 she had her breakthrough with the German television mini-series 'Ein Stück Himmel'
- she was awarded the 'Goldene Kamera', the 'Goldener Gong' and the 'Adolf Grimme Award'
- she won the Bavarian film award and the German film award for her role in the movie 'Autumn Milk'
- she was awarded the 'Bundesverdienstkreuz' (Federal Cross of Merit)
- she died of cancer at the age of 41 years